Wanaka Skate

Wanaka was a great place to live. It has two of the best mountains in the Otago region close by, a whole bunch of available activities to keep ones self occupied including skiing, climbing, hiking, MTB, kayaking, sailing and now one of the country’s best skate parks. With the recent upgrade on the park boasting several features and a massive pool, it’s no wonder this place gets crowded after school hours, let alone the weekend! We managed to get a reasonably quiet day for filming when I met up with Luke Sinclair and Arthur Eacott to shoot some stuff. Shooting against a backdrop like Lake Wanaka and surrounding mountains is a pleasure and found myself shooting with that back ground for the majority of the project. Using the Ronin was really easy here, apart from the super quick whip-pans when in the middle of the pool, having the skater fly around you the gimbal held up nicely and it’s good to see nice structured and stabalised shots for shooting a pretty hectic sport on foot. I’m going to miss Wanaka and it’s lovely community, the charm is just off the scale here.

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