Treble Cone

My second project for the NZ SnowTrade campaign was based at the South Island’s largest ski area Treble Cone which offers some great big mountain runs and quality back country with easy access. I met up with the young Austrian renegade, Freeskier Bernhard Gigler to shoot some action as he dropped massive cliffs and put up an exceptional effort of shredding for the camera without a sweat. On my end, it was quite tricky getting around with the Ronin gimbal on the mountain, I had adapted a backpack for easy porting which made it a bit more manageable. In hindsight, it was definitely worth the trouble to get those nice moving images, it really makes the difference in the edit. I also grabbed some alternative angles on the GoPro at 120fps which is a great help when you’re limited to 50fps on the 7D. Glad to know everything is getting smaller these days with technology, makes a mountain Videographer’s job a hell of a lot easier! Treble Cone is an amazing location to shoot, as you’ll see it’s very easy on the eye which also makes my job easier. Watch out for the Kia bird, they will try and steal anything you leave around, including GoPro’s!! Almost lost mine:/


IMG_4022 IMG_4021 IMG_4124

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